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Light Truck Tyres

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The right load rated tyres are important for commercial vehicles such as light trucks, commercial vans, and utilities. Light truck tyres are made with stronger, more robust materials and engineered to work at higher inflation pressures. They are designed to bear greater loads (higher Load Rated). 

It is vital to consider your light truck tyres as the truck’s entire weight, along with its content, is balanced by the tyres, so you should never neglect this part. A perfect light truck tyres service partner can help you with a good guide. Are you searching for the best for your requirement? Then we at Matthews Tyres and Mechanical are here to serve you the best in all possible ways. 

Who we are? 

We Matthews Tyres and Mechanical offers tyres with different brands that offer the perfect combination of safety and durability. Our tyre servicing is designed specifically to improve the safety and longevity of commercial vehicles. Our tyres would be appropriate for all seasons and environments. Regardless of the application, we will supply you with tyres that meet the specifications of the environment.

What can you expect from us? 
  • For added toughness, the sidewalls have been reinforced.
  • Standard Rib-block structure.
  • Improved braking performance.
  • Clearance of water easily.
  • Superior attention to detail and handling to make it appropriate for a range of scenarios.
Why should you particularly select light truck tyres? 

The tyre is one of the most important components that determine the vehicle’s performance. Experts recommend different tyres for different vehicles based on utility and a variety of other factors. In terms of light truck tyres,

  • When compared to standard passenger tyres, it requires a high inflation pressure.
  • It is designed to hold harsh conditions, making it sturdier, capable of bearing heavier loads, and stronger. As a result, the tyre should have greater belt strength, stronger sidewall plies, and greater rubber strength.
  • However, not all brands and manufacturers are thought to provide the best results. Matthews Tyres and Mechanical’s experienced mechanics identify the best manufacturers and only buy from them.
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We are a trusted partner for all light truck tyre needs in Wollongong. Visit us and let us discuss the future requirements.

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