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Steering & Suspension

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Driving can get potentially risky if the car steering and suspension is not under control. The steering provides directional control of your car, and the suspension supports the weight of your vehicle. Both the steering and suspension system is important to keep your car under control. Steering and suspension comprise a range of elements, including ball joints, fluid, tie rod, etc. If the repair leaves you stranded on the roadside, don’t be frustrated. Call us!

We, Matthews Tyres and Mechanical are one of the reputed car service shops repairing all the steering and suspension systems and providing the car to the customers in top-notch condition. Steering and suspension comprise the vehicle’s control, stability and ultimate safety. Our technicians repair the issues more concerned, ensure a smooth ride, drivability, and handling and create stable road control.

What do our services include?

Our professional technicians make sure that all systems are functioning properly. Our team of professionals identifies a steering and suspension problem in the best way and ensures you have a smooth drive. 

  • Inspection of all system components
  • Check and top-off power steering fluid
Why Matthews Tyres and Mechanical?
  • Free pick-up and drop
  • 100% genuine OEM/OES spare
  • Upfront and cost-effective
  • Highly equipped workshop
Services we offer
  • Scheduled car services
  • Denting and painting services
  • Customer-specific custom job
  • Exterior and interior car care services
  • Wheel, rim and alloy care 
  • Cashless insurance repairs
Why choose us?

Our skilled automotive professionals are highly dedicated to provide the best service for the customer’s vehicle. We understand and care for our customers and are always there to help. We ensure to provide superior service for our customers and go the extra mile to ensure great value. Our expert technicians complete inspections and repairs in a timely manner and make sure that the car gets back on the road in tip-top condition. Our services include

  • Suspension inspection
  • Inner and outer tie rod replacement
  • Sway bar link replacement
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Shocks replacements
  • Struts replacement
Service at your convenience!

We Matthews Tyres and Mechanical are the highly equipped workshop. We aim to repair and deliver your car the best as possible. What else stops you? Call us and book for car servicing

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